High Level Roundtables

Mayor's Initiatives on Climate Action and Urban Financing

The Mayoral Roundtable at the UEF5+WPC59 Congress brings together city mayors to discuss innovative strategies for climate action and urban financing. Mayors from diverse regions share best practices in implementing climate-resilient measures, fostering collaborative efforts among cities. The roundtable highlights the crucial role of local leadership in driving effective climate action and securing financing for sustainable urban development. Mayors' presence is critical to support local, national, and regional solutions. They can promote national and city-to-city relations, private sector engagement, and public education on climate transition. By sharing experiences and building partnerships, mayors can accelerate the implementation of zero-carbon targets and resilience building, contributing to strengthened multilateralism and community engagement.

Strengthening Country-to-Country and City-to-City Relations

Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting the climate agenda and sustainable urban development. In the 5th+59th Conference, they will engage in a Diplomatic Roundtable to advance a sustainable future. As representatives of their countries, Ambassadors will promote national relations and advocate for public education on climate transition. They will share experiences and strategies to accelerate zero-carbon targets and resilience building. This Roundtable aims to amplify campaigns, anchor successful projects, and foster dynamic partnerships in respective countries. By facilitating participatory diplomacy and multilateralism, it contributes to regionally active climate efforts. Skilled moderators will manage the one-hour session with diverse ambassadors, ensuring productive discussions and integrating their insights into the conference's final resolution.

Empowering Climate Action for Sustainable Development

The Global Parliamentarian Roundtable at the UEF5+WPC Congress brings together parliamentarians from around the world to discuss and empower climate action for sustainable development. This session focuses on the critical role of legislators in driving climate policies, fostering green investments, and promoting sustainable finance for urban development. Parliamentarians will share experiences, best practices, and legislative initiatives to address climate challenges effectively. The roundtable aims to create a platform for constructive dialogue, collaboration, and the formulation of impactful policies that will contribute to a more sustainable and climate-resilient future globally.

Advancing climate solution in the Americas - Joint Effort of North & South American Paliamentarians

The Americas Parliamentarian Roundtable at the UEF5+WPC59 Congress unites parliamentarians from North and South America to collaborate on advancing climate solutions. This session focuses on the joint efforts of legislators in both regions to tackle climate change, promote sustainable policies, and foster green investments. Parliamentarians will share experiences, exchange best practices, and explore opportunities for regional cooperation in addressing climate challenges. The roundtable aims to strengthen partnerships, enhance cross-border dialogue, and develop collective strategies to create a sustainable and resilient future for the Americas.

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