UEF5+WPC59 Post Congress Survey

UEF5+WPC59 Post Congress Survey: Tell us your experience!
Thank you for attending the joint 5th Urban Economy + 59th ISOCARP World Planning Congress! Your feedback is essential for us to be able to evaluate the success of the Congress, understand better your preferences and expectations and, of course, get ideas for next year. Please take a few minutes to fill in the following survey:
1. What is your age?*
2. What is your gender?*
3. Are you an ISOCARP member?*
4. What is your professional field?*
5. How did you learn about the UEF5+WPC59 Congress "For Climate Action, Urban Finance"*
6. How many ISOCARP congresses have you participated in?*
8. What were your reasons for attending the congress? *
9. What was your main role in the Congress?*
10. In case you presented a paper/case study/research project, how would you rate the selection procedure?*