Joint Steering Committee

Steering Committee Co-Chair
Patricia Canelas

Departmental Lecturer in Sustainable Urban

Development, University of Oxford, United Kingdom 

Steering Committee Co-Chair
Matthew Green
Member of Parliament, Canada

Graham Carr
President, and Vice-Chancellor,
Concordia University, Canada
Jakub Mazur
First Deputy Mayor, Wrocław, Poland
President of METREX
Henk Bouwman
Secretary General, METREX

Elaine Coburn
Director of Center for Feminist Research, 
York University
Martina Juvara
Director URBAN Silence & ISOCARP 
Climate Change Ambassador

Giuseppe Tesoriere (PhD)
Economic Affairs Officer
Gender, Poverty and Social Policy Division
Urbanization and Development section
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Ulrich Graute
Chair ISOCARP Scientific Committee

Adel Gamar
CEO of the Gamar foundation

Julie Syversen
Researcher, Public Policy, Climate Change, 
Disaster Risk Reduction
Dominique Hargreaves
Director, Sustainability, American Realty Advisors

Ali A. Alraouf
Professor of Architecture and Urbanism, HBKU & 

Senior Advisor for Urban Planning Authority Doha, 
Qatar. Board member ISOCARP
Eric Huybrechts
Board member ISOCARP, & Co-chair Habitat 
Professional Forum

Li Fan
Vice-Chair of ISOCARP Scientific Committee

Sophia Kianni
United Nations Advisor on climate change

Rudiger Ahrend
Head, Economic Analysis, Data and Statistics 
Division, Organisation of Economic Development 
and Cooperation
Kian Bakhtiari
Founder of The People

Julio Carrillo
Sr Planner-Parkhill, Director PLANNING2050
General Co-Rapporteur UEF5+WPC59

Michaela Kauer
Head, Brussels Office, City of Vienna,

Madina Junussova
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Public Policy 
and Administration, University of Central Asia, 
Kazakhstan/ Kyrgyzstan/ Tajikistan & 
General Co-Rapporteur UEF5+WPC59
Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed
Founding Director, Social Innovation Lab;
Doctoral Researcher
Pamela Robinson
Director, City Building & Professor, School
of Urban and Regional Planning, Toronto
Metropolitan University,
Kamran Hassani
Executive Director, Urban Economy Forum
Eduardo Lopez Moreno
Member, UEF Board of Directors

Anantha Krishnan
Secretary General of UEF

Omoayena Rosemary Odunbaku
Human Settlements Officer,

Anglophone West Africa, United Nations 
Human Settlements Programme

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