Thank you to VolunteersĀ 

Thank you to all our incredible Volunteers who showed great support and commitment that led to such a successful event. We would not have been able to do it without you!

Codrina Ibanescu – Volunteer Coordinator.
Alyssa Martschenko - Volunteer Co-coordinator

Cole Warling
Raquel Dinis
Leah Woldegloris
Jacqueline Dwyer
Khairiya Ahmed
Chris Cole
Veronica Jara
Sarah Ali
Ryan Raymond Faria-Wong
Maryam Robati
Joseph Peters
Parmida Asiaban
Sumamah Javed
Finn McAlister
Jordan Simons
Tomisona Oludairo
Christopher Michael Roy
Tatiana Martschenko
Heet Narechania
Aviva-Gale Buncel

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